Automated systems including laser cutting, punching, forming, tapping, loading and unloading functions.

Fully automated sheet metal cutting-forming robot

The combination machine, AMADA  C1 NT, offers press and laser technology with a small footprint.  Using the laser unit eliminates the need for special tools, considerably reducing manufacturing costs, even for small lot sizes or one-piece flow production systems.

For integrated sorting of the components with a conveyer belt, and a fully automated material feeding system including waste material disposal.

Fronius CMT robotic welding cell

Fronius CMT robotic welding cell:Fronius ABB,CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) offers low dilution and a high deposition rate – compared to laser or TIG welding, it’s more efficient and economic.The CMT process was initially developed for welding thin sheets in the automotive industry, but is now finding new applications. It is ideal for steels, including stainless, as well as aluminium and galvanised sheets, and offers travel speeds of 400–500mm/min, compared with 100mm/min for TIG.

Fully automated sheet metal bending robot

The AMADA HG 1003 ARs bending automation solution reduces personnel requirements, increases production capacity, and ensures high-precision, error-free machining in absolutely unvarying quality.
With a robot, automatic tool changer (ATC) and gripper station, the AMADA HG-ARs press brake is ideal for the processing of small and mid-sized parts

Processing machines

We offer four types of welding, three options for decorative treatment of surfaces, and other types of processing, namely, sheet metal cutting, edge treatment, threading in combination with flow-drilling or without it. As part of cooperation projects, in order to fulfil complex orders, we also perform powder coating, galvanizing and other types of material treatment. Since the company also produces equipment or components meeting the food safety standards, we have introduced a Clean Stainless Policy which obliges to separate production and processing facilities, rooms and tools from the rest of the working environment.


Our quality system has been implemented according to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2008.
We have introduced a digital production management system, named Ilknis (The Tusk), since the “tusk” is an important battle tool of an elephant and, as a symbol, a working elephant hints at success through your own effort. We also use the tusk as an icon for our system.
This system, which is based on logic and efficient business management, allows us to manage the company more efficiently, and its main features are:

  • order-oriented organisation and accurate cost estimates;
  • improved transparency of processes;
  • clear division of responsibilities among employees;
  • decision-making based of facts;
  • continuous improvement, reducing the likelihood of human error;
  • mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers.

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