EHT FABRIK is a modern manufacturing company, offering advanced processing technology and high-quality management standards.


EHT FABRIK Ltd. is a leading supplier of precision sheet metalwork in Latvia, providing all our in-house services within 3,300 square meters of a purpose-built working space. We work exclusively as subcontractors providing our services to the industries that need essential components in electronics, optics, audio and automotive engineering. We can achieve higher geometric precision and consistent quality in mass production of components thanks to our three-cycle robotic systems, namely, cutting-forming, sheet metal bending and CMT robot welding.
We specialise in design, manufacture and assembly of bespoke sheet metal enclosures and precision sheet metalwork where quality and visual appearance are of essential value.

Our strong quality-driven team and ERP system allow walking an extra mile in order to produce innovative ideas on how to manufacture high-quality and cost-efficient products while eliminating a possibility of a human error.
We have the following technologies: CNC robot; punching/laser/forming/tapping, laser cutting, CNC bending and robot bending, CNC inserting and stud welding, TIG/MAG welding, CMT robot welding, 3D CMM inspection, vibro tumbling, tube sawing, INOX & aluminium surface grinding, ceramic shot blasting, engineer services & prototyping, “clean stainless” and ATEX aluminium processing.


Mass production

Our company offers mass production of parts and components from stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel sheet, and manufacturing of finished products, i.e. casings of equipment, mechanical devices with assembly, vending machines and stalls in small and medium-sized batches.


We have considerable experience in designing and manufacturing of non-standard structures in small batches or as single samples. Thanks to a wide range of business partners, a great engineering team and company’s technical resources, we can offer the best solutions in production of non-standard structures and equipment.


Our engineers can find the best solutions in development of products, casings, components and parts. We offer complex and detail solutions. We design prototypes and prepare programmes for mass production. Our team of engineers works in a creative and collaborative environment.


We have considerable experience in design development. We have created design solutions for smaller products and components, as well as for large-scale objects and complex systems of display cases for shops. Since we work closely with our engineers on design solutions, we take into account all technical possibilities and limitations and it allows us to prototype and to offer finished products as well.

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